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Office Activate specializes in software, database and web development services through-out Canada and the United States. Delivering quality in everything we do, our vision is to create successful and efficient software.

Invest in the best developers

Our team of designers, web developers and programmers collaborate with our customers to deliver distinctive web solutions. Visit our company page to discover how we've gained the reputation of companies just like yours, service providers, image builders, and solution providers.

Engage the personalized services of Office Activate to benefit from our:

  • Continual advancements in technology & systems
  • Helpful & reliable customer care
  • Customised solutions for your business

Since the year 2000 we have provided customers with solutions designed for success; Whether you’re a small or large business you can benefit from our web related services.

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Enjoy our client-friendly approach to web design success.

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


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